"CRY has a place in my heart because…"

valentineheart2February 2009 sees the launch of CRY’s “Life Years Lost…” campaign, spearheaded by our consultant cardiologist, Dr Sanjay Sharma. It highlights the tragic legacy of young sudden cardiac death for those left behind – for the hundreds of bereaved men and women robbed of the chance of “growing old together” with their partners; and for those parents who will never see their child grow up.

Unveiled in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, we’ve asked our Patrons and celebrity supporters to post a ‘love letter’ on our website, telling us why CRY has a special place in their heart and how they value the work we do raising awareness and supporting families across the UK.



“Cardiac Risk in the Young has a place in my heart because… the life changing work of CRY is helping to eliminate the tragic and sudden loss of young lives. CRY’s close collaboration with government has led to real progress in the identification, treatment and support of affected individuals and families, that is central in the fight to reduce the incidence and impact of sudden cardiac death.”

David Walliams – CRY Patron


“CRY does phenomenal work in saving needless deaths by supporting world-leading research and working closely with Government to try and change policy towards sudden cardiac death. For me, it is the word ‘sudden’ that makes CRY’s work so important. Any death is terrible, but when it comes from nowhere it makes it much harder for the families to come to terms with. The work CRY does can help identify those at risk.”

James Cracknell OBE – CRY Patron


“Cardiac Risk in the Young has a place in my heart because… too many people are being taken from us in the prime of their lives and we must do everything in our power to reduce the number of these tragedies.”

 Ben Brown – BBC Journalist

“Cardiac Risk in the Young has a place in my heart townsendvalbecause…
there is now real support for families that have experienced the tragic circumstances when a young person dies suddenly. Also, CRY are working very hard through various initiatives to ensure this will happen less often in the future. Their efforts have already saved many lives and I wish them well for the future.”

Gregor Townsend MBE – CRY Patron

Greg Whyte - Consultant to the Board (Consultant for exercise and sports medicine)“Cardiac Risk in the Young has a place in my heart because… there can be no greater loss than that of your child.
CRY’s work in raising awareness, screening and support of world leading research is critical in making the loss of a child a thing of the past.”

Professor Greg Whyte – CRY Trustee

mcoxval“Cardiac Risk in the Young has a place in my heart because… CRY has, and is, enabling young persons who are at risk the chance to live a normal, fulfilling and productive life.

The value of this is incalculable.”

Mark Cox MBE – CRY Patron