CRY Raising Awareness Week 2010 – UCLU

11th to 15th October 2010

The week started off well with the Ergathon – we had 5 different clubs on the rowing machines for the whole 12 hours and got a lot of publicity for the rest of the week!

Wednesday we had Sports Nite when everyone dressed in red and we had a sports quiz, which went down really well.

Thursday was the hangover lounge where we offered coffee and smoothies and a place to ‘chill out’. We signed up people to the CRY screenings in West Ealing using a laptop in the lounge. About 25 people signed up there and then and we spoke to loads more students about how important it is to be screened and how to sign up to a screening at home!

Friday was another night in the Union – ‘Pumped’ – which went down really well also.

We had a stall throughout the week in the main Union area and volunteers on the stall every afternoon to speak to students.

Overall we raised £595.18 through bucket collecting, but most importantly we got to speak to loads of students to raise awareness of CRY all through the week.

I will be emailing all the sports clubs about the week and how much we raised with a link to the testmyheart website; and many of the sports presidents have taken it upon themselves to get their team mates to sign up, which is great!

Alexandria Hingley

Sports and Physical Activity Development Worker, UCLU