CRY Research Highlights 2020

CRY’s new digital Research Highlights booklet covers all of our research news, conferences, and developments from 2020.

This issue includes videos of all presentations from the 2020 virtual CRY International Medical Conference (page 2), full video recordings of excellent webinars hosted by Professor Sanjay Sharma and Dr Michael Papadakis (page 5), and interviews with several current and former CRY Research Fellows about their latest work (page 6). We also have an additional interview with Dr Edith Maria Steffen, who is one of the authors of the first ever interview-based study on the psychological support needs of families tragically affected by a young sudden cardiac death (page 8).

You can read CRY’s 2020 Research Highlights below, or go directly to Issuu to read the booklet and more of CRY’s publications here.