CRY Teddy is host to QT Kanga

CRY Teddy and QT Kanga – our adventures in the UK so far

Raising awareness across the globe of Sudden Cardiac Death in the Young



QT Kanga is a marsupial with a message. She began her journey in December 2001, leaving the SADS Australia office in Melbourne to travel to America to begin her support and friendship time with those families who had invited her to visit them.

CRY_Teddy_webQT Kanga then went on a European tour raising awareness about sudden cardiac death in the young. She visited Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. She was joined by CRY Teddy and after launching the new campaign in the European Parliament calling on the World Health Organisation to recognise the name “Sudden Death Syndrome”. They also travelled to the Scottish Parliament and Westminster.

CRY Teddy and QT Kanga’s travels


teddy_and_kanga_on_horseAugust 2004

Aesthete Miniature Horse Show

CRY Teddy and QT Kanga made some new animal friends in Doncaster, whilst also raising awareness of CRY and SDS conditions.


jackie_abbie_david_davidmp_shannon_smallMay 2004

Keeping the pressure on

Qt Kanga and CRY Teddy with Jackie Johnson and family who lost their daughter Vicky lobby support for action in parliament. Pictured here with David Hincliffe MP and Bill O’Brien MP

mat_marathonApril 2004

London marathon

The pair strapped onto Mat Wilson’s double heart costume for a 26 mile sightseeing trip around London whilst Mat Wilson ran the London Marathon


qt_cuppaJanuary 2004

Gloucestershire – England’s green and pleasant land

QT enjoying a cup of tea at Polly Perkins restaurant in Bourton on the Water with Rachel and Peter Edwards. Their son Alexander collapsed with Cardiomyopathy


captains_cocktail_party_aboard_coronia_webNew Year 2004

Cruising aboard the Caronia

Celia and Chris Byford-Fox took the pair 3579 miles from Southampton to Spain, Madeira, Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Portugal.

Here pictured with the ship’s Captain at his cocktail party.

November 2003

North Wales

mark_softiesMobile Cardiac Screening event on 8 November 2003, in memory of Lisa Jane Browne, was host to CRY Teddy and QT Kanga. They met lots of lovely people, including Doreen Harley (CRY’s Divisional Representative for North Mark Tami MP for Alyn & DeesideWales) and Mark Tami MP for Alyn & Deeside. Our adorable friends received lots of love and cuddles, and had their photographs taken by many people. They were very well behaved too!

kanga_g_suffNovember 2003


Kate and Robbie Fox met Julie John and Gary after their eventful Lands End to John O’Groats journey on Halloween.

A flight in a police helicopter, visit to a North Sea oil rig, a day with the RAF and home for a fish and chip supper.

kanga_bionic_busOctober 2003

Lands End to John o’ Groats

Travelling in the bionic bus with the Bionic Babe’s mum, Julie, meeting up with as many Vdub Clubs and supporters as we could with press, radio and TV coverage at each stop raising awareness with our furry companions

andy_maggie_tait_catherine_stihlerSeptember 2003

Launch new campaign calling on World Health Organisation to recognise sudden death syndrome in European Parliament

CRY supporters Andy and Maggie Tait who lost their son to sudden death syndrome are pictured here with Catherine Stihler, Labour’s health spokeswoman in the European Parliament accompanied by the CRY Teddy and QT kanga.