CRY Update Magazine 75

CRY Update 75 reports on all CRY news, events and fundraising from January to April 2018.

We experienced a host of highlights through this four-month period. In March, our screening programme surpassed a total of 150,000 young people screened, which is an incredible milestone for us to reach. Furthermore, to discuss our progress and the importance of screening, CRY Chief Executive Dr Steven Cox presented at the Cardiology British Sport Symposium at Wembley Stadium on March 23rd. You can read more on page 7.

April in particular was full of key events for CRY. Firstly, we received fantastic awareness thanks to Top Eleven using their ‘Wear your Heart on your Sleeve’ campaign to give us their sleeve sponsorship on Stoke City FC’s shirts at a Premier League game on April 7th.

On April 15th, 15 CRY runners took part in the Brighton Marathon, a week before 99 runners represented us in the Virgin Money London Marathon, fighting through the hottest conditions on record. You can read more about the Brighton and London marathons on pages 16 and 24, respectively.

As for research, this year’s EuroPrevent conference was a clear success. Several CRY doctors gave excellent presentations to share our research, while CRY Research Fellow Dr Chris Miles won the Young Investigator of the Year award for his work studying ARVC in athletes. You can read a full write-up of the conference and a Q&A with Dr Miles on pages 22-23.

For her Update 75 column, CRY Founder Alison Cox wrote about “the ancient role of the coroner,” which you can read on page 18.