Daniel Larkin

Our wonderful son Daniel was tragically taken from us on 6th January 2006. Daniel was just nineteen years old.

He was the biggest Liverpool football fan ever – it really was his life. He was loved by everyone who met him. Danny was a quiet and sensible young man with an extremely good sense of humour. We all miss him every hour of every day. The memories he has left behind have made us all very, very proud.

Myself, his Dad and younger brother Adam had only left Danny that morning to fly back to Mallorca, as we were living and working there at the time. We had just spent Christmas and New Year with family and friends in Liverpool.

Daniel had decided to stay a few weeks longer with his Grandmother, as he wasn’t due to start work in Mallorca until Easter.

We got a phonecall that evening at about 6 o’clock to say Danny had collapsed. Then not long after we received another call to say he had died. It really was the worst moment of our lives, because we were so far away.

He was just sitting at the computer.

We then had the most awful time trying to get home to England. We tried all night to get flights, but there were just none available. We eventually had to fly home the next day into Newcastle, where we had family waiting to drive us back down to Liverpool. We just felt so helpless.

The result of the Inquest was natural causes due to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.