Daniel Newman

I have tried so many times to write my story, but this is not just my story, this is about Dan.

Daniel Newman was 31 when he passed away on July 15th 2010, he was my boyfriend of 8.5 years and he was a wonderful son, brother, nephew and friend.

Dan was told he had food poisoning and told me to go to work, as he wanted to rest and sleep it off, which was advised by the paramedics.

I kissed Dan and left for work, I couldn’t get hold of Dan and felt sick, something was wrong but I didn’t know what, I started to panic when he wasn’t responding to my texts or calls.

I got home from work at lunchtime to find Dan was gone, I did everything I could to save him, but I knew deep down it was too late.

Dan was 31 and passed away from a Cardiac Arrest.

My world and Dan’s family’s world came crashing down on us in seconds.  What do we do now?

Everyday was a fight to want to wake up, to get out of bed, and even wash.

Seven years on I am now married to a very supportive husband.

I miss Dan everyday and I hope I make him proud.

If Dan had been checked out and not ignored by Doctors he still could be here.