Daniel Parry

On 31st December New Year’s Eve we lost our son and brother suddenly without warning or illness. He was around my family playing cards having a great time, laughing and joking.

After losing him there was no reason why and no cause of death. We was so confused because everything about Daniel was healthy and he looked after himself very well. Following on from investigations, his report stated that all of his organs were perfect and there was no obvious cause. Daniel wanted to donate his organs as we spoke about death openly as a family and this was his decision years prior to this. Unfortunately this couldn’t happen due to circumstances.

Daniel was a scientist who studied precious metals and he loved science; he had a 2:1 degree in Pharmacology with honours. So as a family we came to the decision to donating Daniel’s heart to St George’s Hospital in London for further research to try prevent this from happening to someone else.

Because of the sudden passing of Daniel myself, Sandy and our daughter Rachael had to have a 24 hour ECG and many more tests to investigate if this was a genetic condition and to see if we had any of the conditions that cause SADS. As a family the CRY charity offered to test us all. We went to St George’s in London in April 2018 and were all tested. To our shock all three of us was diagnosed with Brugada Syndrome which can cause Sudden Cardiac Death. As a preventative measure we have all been fitted with an ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator)

It is a difficult road and journey but as a family we stay strong together and are trying to get used to our new normal. We believe that Daniel saved our lives because we wouldn’t have ever known about this genetic condition otherwise, he will always be our hero and is so badly missed.

Please help use to save other through the CRY charity and donate to prevent others going through our heartache and trauma.

Thank you the Parry family Liverpool, UK.

This memorial fund has been set up by the family to help CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) raise awareness of young sudden cardiac death, support those affected, support CRY’s screening programme and fund research and pathology.

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