Dave and June Boulton – Bristol

We became aware of CRY following the sudden death of our son Jack in August 2009.

Jack, who was 17, collapsed during football training in Saltford on August 19th 2009. Jack was a talented sportsman and had a bright academic future ahead of him. He attended the sixth-form at Wellsway School and played football for Keynsham and Saltford football clubs, cricket for Keynsham Cricket Club and was Junior Captain at Saltford Golf Club.

Jack was amazing……from the day he was born until the day he died. He was energetic, quick thinking, witty and although quiet he had an inner confidence. With that confidence he displayed great sporting and personal skills and had little sayings that popped up out of nowhere. He was gentle with his actions and showed compassion and maturity from a very young age. He had high principles, always displayed fair play and seemed to be everyone’s friend! He was definitely one of a kind and we feel his loss every day.

Life will never be the same and never will be. We have received tremendous support from the local community and through various fundraising events have raised over £150,000 for CRY. We have organised 5 local screening events screening over 1000 young people, which we’re immensely proud of and strongly support national screening.

June has recently qualified as a CRY bereavement supporter and hopes to help families after the tragedy of a sudden cardiac death of a young person.

We’re proud to be CRY representatives and are determined to continue to make a difference to more lives and support CRY in the excellent work they do.