Dr. Sarandeep K Marwaha

Dr Sarandeep K Marwaha MBBS, BSC, MRCP graduated from St Georges University of London in 2012 with an intercalated BSc Degree in Cardiovascular Sciences from Imperial College London. Whilst in Medical school she was awarded a Welcome Trust Scholarship for Research. She completed her foundation years in Southwest London Frimley Park Hospital and carried out her Core Medical Training at Kings College Hospital Trust. She gained her Membership of Royal College of Physicians in 2016 and gained a National Training Number in Cardiology in East of England Deanery in 2016.

She is currently appointed as a CRY Research Fellow at St Georges University of London where her medical journey began. She conducts inherited cardiac cardiomyopathy clinics and takes part in screening for CRY.

Under the guidance of Professor Sharma she is undertaking research in Sports cardiology and cardiomyopathy.

Gaining knowledge and encouraging teaching is a keen part of her character and participating and endorsing medical education. She is the Co-Lead for the MSc Sports Cardiology programme and in her spare time, she partakes in yoga and swimming.

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