Dr Stephen Cox writes about CRY milestones and #MPsupport4CRY

Politics Home, 5th July 2018

CRY Ceo Dr Stephen Cox writes about ongoing CRY initiative #MPSupportforCRY and news from the world health organisation: “This month marks a milestone in the history of CRY’s campaigning. On June 21, we revealed that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has finally released the new ICD 11 Code, acknowledging that when a young person dies of SADS (as well as all the other conditions that can cause sudden cardiac death in young people) this must be recognised and recorded by official statistics, feeding into and informing the decision process of key policy makers.

This monumental news coincided with our own announcement that the 100th MP had “signed up” to support our ongoing initiative #MPsupport4CRY.  Both of these breakthroughs in our campaigning activity come as speculation grows of an imminent review in the UK’s cardiac screening policy.”

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