England Footballer and CRY Patron Jade Moore Prepares for Second World Cup

Worksop Guardian, 16 May 2019

Ten years ago at the age of 17, England Footballer Jade Moore discovered she had two holes in her heart after a cardiac screening. The discovery meant that the problem was able to be fixed by a device being inserted to close the holes and Moore is now about to embark on her second World Cup in France. The screening she had at 17 was life changing for Jade, eventually influencing her to become a patron of Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY). “It did happen at a crucial time in my life, and did open my eyes to what life would be like without football. It made me look at life differently,” she said of the discovery of her heart defect, adding: “I’m obviously so grateful that the holes were discovered. It saved my life and my football career. Without that screening I wouldn’t be in the England squad right now. I might not even be alive. And that’s why I’m a patron for the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young. It’s a cause that is clearly so important to me and they do some fantastic work.” Link no longer available