Family Ensures Young People Have Access to Heart Screenings in Memory of Son, Lee Wilson

Plymouth Live, 20th November 2019

Lee Wilson passed away in his sleep at just 19 years old due to a hidden heart condition, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS). Fourteen years later, his family and friends are working together with Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) to raise money to provide free heart screenings for young people so that they may be protected from hidden heart conditions. Thus far, they have managed to raise £30,000 in Lee’s memory and have used some of the money to fund screenings for 200 children at the Coombe Dean School which Lee and his brothers attended.

“He never complained to us about chest pain. He never came to us and said there was something wrong,” said Lee’s mother, Carole. “We would love to be able to screen at every school, but it costs £5,000 for 100 people.”

“Every opportunity you get [to look after your health], take it,” added his father, Steve.

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