Football Club in Saltford Presented with the Prestigious Jack Boulton Award

SALTFORD Football Club member Jack Warren has been presented with the prestigious Jack Boulton Award.

The ceremony took place at the club in the presence of Jack Boulton’s parents, June and Dave, along with the recipient’s close family and a large group of club members.

After Jack Boulton died in August 2009, the Keynsham and Saltford Sports Network decided to make an award each year to a young sportsman or woman in the community who displayed many of Jack’s exceptional sporting and personal qualities.

June and Dave Boulton have dedicated themselves to raising money for CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) over the 14 years since their son Jack passed away.

Many young people have benefited from the cardiac screening programme funded by CRY, which helps protect them against undiagnosed heart conditions.

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