For my beautiful daughter Katie Hayes – by John Hayes

For my beautiful daughter Katie Hayes

Nothing prepared me for this
I never knew there could be so much pain and sorrow
So many tears have been shed
So many lives have been devastated
Life seems so fragile now

You use to light up the room
The days are now long and grey
Why were you taken so soon?
You had so much life to live
You had so much love to give

You were an inspiration, a beacon, a role model
You had such a wonderful circle of friends
“You brought happiness to all that met you
With that smile that never stopped”

We were all supposed to grow old together
Life now, seems to be just an existence
I wanted to walk you down the aisle
I wanted to hold your child
Why do I feel so much self-pity?

I try so hard to put on a brave face
But deep down I hurt inside
The pain is hard to bear
And through all this mental anguish
I know life MUST go on

I’ll take one day at a time
The path of grieving will be long and arduous
But I am surrounded by all that you have left
I am proud to have been your father

My love for you in life and now in death
Will always be unconditional

by John Hayes