Forever Young – by Heather Walker

For my son Ryan, who collapsed and died at home on Monday 7th July. He was 24, and had graduated from University. He’d just returned from New Zealand where he was a Cricket Coach teaching High School children and was about to go back in October for another 6 months. He was also due to become an Uncle for the first time and had so much to look forward to. I wrote the poem because this is how I feel.

Forever Young

I often sit alone and think of you
Since you left this place
Sometimes I hear a song that makes me cry
or I laugh
When I picture your smiling face
I try to make sense of the reasons why you’re gone
Perhaps one day I’ll know
But till then, I think of none
You were so young and had much more to give
You lived your life as others of your age
Would surely wish to live
I know I should be grateful for the precious time we shared
But how I wish it was some other’s
And that your life had been spared
I gave you life, you gave me joy
I was so proud of you, my boy
Now memories are all I have
In my heavy heart such pain
My only comfort knowing that
One day we’ll meet again
And now as I recall that dreadful day, my Son
Who would have thought that you would remain
Forever young