Fundraising Principles


CRY has always operated on the belief that there should never be any pressure on those that benefit from the charity’s work to also financially support it. CRY has always been very fortunate to receive long-term support from families affected by young sudden cardiac death.

We have always sought to ensure that our fundraising efforts embrace this belief and that our campaigns are never aggressive, intrusive or inconvenient to those they affect. We also encourage CRY supporters to follow these principles during their own efforts to raise awareness of and fundraise for, the charity.

There have been several stories in the media regarding charity practice that have put the sector in a negative light. We are proud that the principles outlined below ensure that CRY is not implicated in fundraising controversies. We hope that this will help put our supporters’ and potential donors’ minds at ease, ensuring that they can continue to give in confidence in the future.

CRY’s 7 Fundraising Principles

• CRY does not employ individuals or agencies to carry out street collections or direct debit signups on its behalf. CRY does provide guidelines for safe, non-confrontational and appropriate collections by our supporters.
• CRY does not organise door-to-door collections and strongly advises our supporters against the practice.
• CRY does not request donations over the phone or employ agencies to do so on our behalf.
• CRY does not proactively target legacy fundraising.
• CRY does not purchase or use mailing lists or personal data from third party companies.
• CRY does not share donors’ details (personal or otherwise) with other charities or organisations.
• CRY does not wealth screen its supporters or target specific demographics for donation requests.

After a donation

After receiving a donation, we may send the donor information about CRY, our raising awareness initiatives, our cardiac screening programme and what CRY is trying to achieve. However, we will not write to CRY supporters to ask them to make further donations. Supporters may inform us at any time that they wish to stop receiving communications from CRY, and they will be removed from the relevant distribution lists.