Graeme Blenkinsop

My name is Lynda, and like everyone in this section, I have all lost someone due to a heart related illness.

I lost my brother on the 4th August 2006 and it just seems like a dream now! My brother came home that day complaining of chest pains – we all thought nothing of it as he had be complaining of a cold a few days before and of course he was only 21!

At 21 why on earth would he die? To this day we all ask ourselves the same thing.

The doctors told us it was due to his arteries closing to 50% and all they could come up with was cholesterol, which seemed mad at the time as my brother was a fit lad who enjoyed sport.

Graeme was always the life and soul of a party when he was living, and I’m pretty sure he is now (in the spiritual world). He was always happy and lived every day to the full. I know that sounds like a cliche, but it is true.

Every day he woke up to a world where he was happy with family and friends around him.

I have to make a special mention to his best friends since he was a ‘nipper’ – they are Brads, Mouse and Ebbs. I don’t think he could have asked for better friends and I’m sure they would say the same about him.

Graeme also found someone very special, and that was his girlfriend ‘Klaire’. From the moment I met her I knew she was the one for him. She even put up with his stroppy moods, which were only ever about how much meat and food went on his plate.

The thing about Graeme, was no matter how much you made him mad (and believe me I wound him up on more than one occasion) he would always forget it in about a second!

I now know that I will spend the rest of life thinking ‘what if’? And why him? But deep down in my heart I know he is there looking in on me and the rest of the people he cared about.

The best bit about Graeme you should know, is that he cared about everyone he came across (especially his family and friends) and even those less fortunate than others.

I know as his sister I was truly blessed to have had such a caring and over-protective brother. I just wish he was still with us today, but wherever he is, I hope he is happy and looking after us all in his style.

Love you always, and never ever forgotten.

Lynda Blenkinsop