Great Cake Bake 2014 – Janet Hewett

I am writing to tell you about my recent Cake Sale which went very well!

The Sale took place in the sun room of my daughter’s garden in Birnam, near Dunkeld, on Saturday 6th December. The posters had been up for over a week so we were publicising during the Raising Awareness Week even if the actual Sale was slightly late!

The location is quite central in the village of Birnam so plenty of people were coming and going and our grandchildren were out directing people in and taking turns to shake a CRY collecting box to which people just passing by contributed generously.

I had been busy baking for nearly 2 weeks (it was rather hectic as we’d only arrived in the area in early November and I had an unfamiliar oven and cake tins to cope with!) However, lots of tasty cakes and shortbread were somehow produced, and all were bought! We managed to give away lots of CRY leaflets and talked to people about the wonderful work CRY does.

We raised £106 in the name of our son, Simon Hewett. Thanks for your help and support. It was great to have the posters and we enlarged a couple of copies to make them more prominent. Also the balloons, and if I succeed in sending a few photos you will seem them hanging on the gate! My daughter has better photos which I will ask her to send.

Janet Hewett