Head shave in memory of Margo Wright

Head shave - Margo WrightMarie Knight-Morton held a ‘Shaving Marie’s Head’ fundraising evening and raised £1,250 in memory of her best friend Margo and her daughter Mandi, Marie’s nephew Stephen and her son Lee.

“I organised a charity event on 27 October 2015 in memory of my best friend Margo Wright, she died suddenly and totally unexpectedly on 19 October 2014. We had been friends for 15 years, after a chance meeting we both found that we had lost a child. My son Lee (18) to leukaemia and and Margo’s daughter Mandi to sudden death aged 32 years. We became in her words “united by grief, friends by choice.” We did quite a bit of fundraising together as I do quite a lot for Bright Red charity.

My son’s memoriam is October 15 and 2014 had been a very difficult year for me, Margo helped me in arranging a family event for my three grandchildren to have a naming ceremony, we purposely arranged it in the October near to Lee’s anniversary so we could celebrate his life and family. It was a wonderful day, but my world came crashing down as my very best friend never woke the next morning, her heart had failed. Margo was only 65 but had known she had long QT syndrome as have some of her other children as well as Mandi who had passed away.

IHead shave - Margo Wright 2t was so traumatic for everyone and her family were totally devastated.

So in the months leading up to Margo’s first memoriam I decided to shave my head for charity and raise money for our two charities Bright Red and CRY. I also have an affinity to CRY as my nephew Stephen Donovan also died of sudden death aged 23 years. It seemed only natural to do this. I had mentioned doing it the previous year and Margo insisted I was mad and not to do it as my hair was my pride and joy and very long (20” at the time of shave) but I wanted to do something I actually had a changed. It would have been to easy to do a walk or jumble sale. this I knew would affect me, it had special meaning for me.

Head shave - Margo Wright 3The night was a huge success and could not have imagined the support I got. the local paper covered the story too. As I had my head shaved I had the song “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you my friend, and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again”. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. I felt so proud to do this in honour of Margo Wright, her daughter (leukaemia) and Blake and Stephen Donovan (all passed away with sudden death)n and of course my son Lee Donovan (leukaemia). All of Margo’s family attended, it was a very emotional time but looking back at the night, I knew she would be happy with the money raised and going to her charity CRY. No doubt I will be doing other events on special times in their honour so I will continue to spread awareness of your work and support you whenever I can.”

Marie Knight-Morton