Jake Dean

I would like to share the story of my wonderful little brother, Jake Dean.

Jake turned 20 on the 19th November and he was at his happiest and most motivated. He had interviews for different universities, his driving test booked (which his instructor said he would of definitely passed), his first tattoo booked, plans to get a ‘gym body’, he was excited for the future. He loved socialising and going out with friends! Always up town ‘dabbing’, he was the life and soul of the party. He was also my bestest friend. We would do everything together and I loved my time I spent with him, it was even better when I started working at the same place as him because we became partners at work and it was ‘The Deanos’ together. Jake made everything better, just one cheeky smile from him made my day, he was always smiling and always happy. He helped so many people, even things he never told anyone about he never boasted or told everyone’s business he just helped them personally which just shows what a beautiful person he is inside and out. He is so loved, just the support at the send-off was amazing for him. Jake was fit and well and had no symptoms whatsoever.

On the 3rd February mine and my families world was torn apart. It was completely broken. My Mum had a call from college saying Jake had slipped down three steps so he had been taken to A&E so she rang me and told me to come up cause I just thought “Oh what a dafty he’s probably just broke his leg.” Walking into A&E, the double doors went flying open and my mum came out crying being held up by two nurses. I then knew something was terribly wrong, I ran up to her and asked what was wrong, she just said ‘Jake’s dead’… I honestly felt like someone grabbed my heart and ripped it out, I screamed, I cried, I didn’t believe it until I had to go in that room and wait for the curtains to be opened. I literally felt like that’s it for me I can’t carry on without him, what will I do, I did everything with him, he was my rock. We were told that three paramedics and two doctors were on the scene within three minutes trying to resuscitate Jake, but nothing could be done. His heart was in ventricular fibrillation which is the easiest rhythm to shock but his heart just wouldn’t respond. Jake had complained of feeling dizzy, so he sat down, instantly collapsed, went into cardiac arrest and passed away.

I am so so proud and lucky that I got to call Jake my brother, he is the bestest brother I could of ever asked for, so kind, so caring, an overall amazing person! I miss him every second of the day and literally love him to pieces. I would do anything to have him back.

I love you so much Jake Levi Dean!