James Johnsen

We had no idea that James would leave us at such an early age. He had gone out Christmas shopping to Newcastle with his brother Leon and planned to meet up with friends in a bar later in the afternoon.

When James arrived he ordered a drink but told his brother he was feeling dizzy and began to make his way outside. Leon followed him to ask if he was alright and in that brief moment James collapsed in his arms showing signs of a heart attack. Paramedics arrived within a few short minutes but it was too late and James was announced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Our family are devastated at this tragedy which we struggle to come to terms with. James was a fit, healthy plasterer with a bright future ahead of him working with his brother and father.

At this early stage we have been told his death was caused by Cardio-Respiratory arrest and are waiting for the inquest and results from Dr Mary Shepherd.

I am not sure what else to write at the moment but I hope you are able to take some of my words to make reference to the honour of being his mother for his short life in this world. My son was a caring, thoughtful young man who never hurt anyone. The enormous testament to this was shown at his funeral when we were overwhelmed by the amount of mourners who attended.

Margaret Wilson