Jordan Burnett

httpnew-cry-myzen-co-ukexceltowordpressimagesjordanburnett3I really need to share Jordan’s story! Jord (as we always call him) was 19 years old. When he turned 18, he chose to buy a one-way ticket to San Francisco, California.

Jord wrote me a beautiful note, saying he wanted to find himself in this world – I have that note framed now! He expressed how much he loved me, he just needed to take this journey. Little did I know it would be the last year and a half of his life here on Earth!

Jord had the most unbelievable adventures and experiences; and he was healthy and happy, making an impact on everyone he encountered! Always full of love, never judging – just loving and embracing what this world had to offer.

Material things meant nothing to Jord, it was always about the beauty he realized in things and people, that most of us overlook!

My precious Jord passed after walking the Golden Gate Bridge – something he always wanted to do! He had a picnic with his friends and his beautiful heart went into cardiac arrhythmic arrest due to myocarditis – a disease of which he had no symptoms! Toxicology came back, confirming what we knew – Jord didn’t do drugs! This silent infection attacked his heart and he died instantly!!!!

I will never understand why such a wonderful pure soul would be taken? I won’t stop until I find the answer, or Jord.

I love him until the end of time. He is, and always had been, my hero!

Nicole Burnett