Kasia Ber

It is now three years since we lost our precious baby at 17 years old from Long QT Syndrome. She was beautiful, funny and talented, kind and thoughtful and had everything to give in life with so much to look forward to and she was so cruelly and needlessly robbed of the life she truly deserved.

She was such a hard worker and the life and soul of whatever she did and took part in everything. Our Kasia had so much confidence and was forever doing something – she could not walk in the house she had to skip and dance.

She also had a beautiful voice and would always be singing. I miss all the funny dances she would do for me and lending each other earrings; our girlie chats and argues – but we won’t have all that back.

She always took pride in her appearance and ate healthy and had a beautiful little figure – we used to laugh at her and say that she would not sit on the toilet unless she had her lip gloss on. She was our little pixie and her nana’s princess.

Our Kasia was an inspiration. She was never absent from school or college and was always punctual – she always made sure she was on time for everything. While in education she always volunteered to help in any way and was surrounded by many friends who adored her.

She had just won a place at university to study Law and was looking forward so much to a holiday her and friends had just booked for the summer.

Nothing on Earth could ever prepare us for what was going to happen to us that Christmas – that would be the last one we would celebrate. The Christmas lights went off then and will not be turned back on.

Who could believe this could happen to us, our daughter?

Kasia came in that evening, the 27th December, so happy with her boyfriend Scott after spending a few hours at his parent’s home having a Christmas tea. I had asked her if she was OK before she left the house to go to Scott’s as she looked tired – she said she felt fine but her throat was a little sore

The 28th December 2005 our Kasia set an alarm on her mobile phone to wake her early on that morning to go shopping at the sales. When the alarm rang it set her heart into an abnormal rhythm and she died there and then.

That morning will stay with us forever and will never ever seem real – no words could ever describe.

I would always say ‘please be careful of this and that’ when Kasia would leave the house, never for one minute thinking that anything could happen to her whilst safely tucked up in her bed.

Our Kasia had been to see a doctor only eleven days prior to her death, concerned about palpitations and shortness of breath. An ECG had been taken and it was thought to be normal. However, it was later revealed that Kasia had a genetic heart condition known as Long QT Syndrome.

Kasia’s concerns and the visit to the doctor were unknown to us at the time – she kept this away from us because she did not want us to worry until she had results, as she knew I had not been well.

I had asked her a few times if there was anything wrong as she seemed a bit quiet and I could usually read my children like a book, but she said there was not and she normally would tell me if there was anything.

She was so caring, and not knowing how serious this was at 17 years old they believe they are invincible. We had all been through so much over the last couple of years and our daughter was also going through this.

Shortly after our Kasia’s death we got in touch with Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) and with their help it became apparent that I also had this condition but had never been told and had instead been treated for epilepsy and panic attacks. I had an ECG and it revealed that I had Long QT and therefore our children should have been screened.

I have felt every emotion possible and feel truly let down by so many. It had been one of the medications – beta blockers – that I had been taking that had kept me alive, but I have since had a deliberator fitted to my heart.

My sister also died suddenly aged only 41 years, 2 years prior to our Kasia’s death and with the help of CRY again, we had my nephew and niece screened and they were found also to have Long QT, but are now receiving help with medication.

There is not a second in the day that goes by when I do not think about our Kasia and how proud we were to have a wonderful girl and boy and so lucky.

Now we have to try and get through each day for our son who also misses his sister so much, but he also stays strong for us.

All of Kasia’s friends miss her and loved her and everyone who had been in her company. I placed our Kasia’s mobile phone in her hand and still send her text messages hoping she reads them.

I owe my life to my child – it took her life to save us and it should not have. We will treasure and be proud of the happy and fun-filled 17 years she gave us but it should have been so much more.

We would never have come through this horror without the support of wonderful friends and our son Christopher who misses his only sister and has been through so much but still remains our rock. We love and miss you Kasia and you will always stay beside us xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kasia’s mum