Kevin Alan Eaton

My name is Louisa Eaton, and on 22 July 2007 my 28 year old husband, Kevin Eaton had a seizure at home and died.

After investigation, it was found that he had suffered a heart attack caused by Coronary Artery Disease.

Shock is an understatement. He hadn’t felt particularly well that week but nothing out of the ordinary.

I love Kevin with every part of me and to watch the life drain from the one you love is the most heartbreaking experience. Regardless of my efforts, and those of my next door neighbour (thanks Mark), we, then paramedics were unable to bring him back and he was pronounced dead on arrival at our local hospital.

I had phoned his Dad and am so grateful now that I did. He too, was able to be there with Kevin to the end – and has been there for me ever since.

You’re a wonderful man Wayne Eaton, and I love you!!

Kevin has left behind 3 children (a boy aged 12, a girl aged 6 and a girl aged 2) along with a large family that loved him dearly. It has left a huge hole where a man should be, but love and sheer determination to make him proud is what gives us the strength to carry on.

He was a keen angler with a passion for Carp – another thing I can thank his Dad for!! Also a totally dedicated Manchester United fan. Other than that, the only other thing he loved was his family. Completely and utterly ‘the family man’.

It seems such a waste of time not yet spent, but it is always the good ones that get taken. I’m sure he is fishing at the big lake in the sky!

Louisa Eaton