Luke Morton

lukemorton3The phone call……….15th February 2013 from the Metropolitan Police, changed my life forever. I was to be told that my strong, fit, healthy 20-year old-son had been rushed to the Royal Free Hospital in Camden after collapsing at work. My mind was in turmoil at what could have happened but NOTHING could have prepared me for what I was about to face.

After calling family we rushed to London and got there as Luke lay in the resus room………..tied up to machines that bleeped and with nurses and doctors running around him trying to – what I know now – save his life…………

As he lay there I saw such a strong, tall, handsome son who only a few weeks before when I saw him last had been setting up home with his mates from Uni and looking forward to the exciting life of London…….and yet now I also saw my poor vulnerable and helpless baby.

From resus he was transferred to ICU where I was to witness him having his last heart attack…………those painful and harrowing memories of them trying to revive him stay with me every night……….

They did manage to start his heart again but he never did regain consciousness and sadly, after lots and lots of fighting, he was tragically pronounced brain dead 6 days later……

He had fought with every single bit of strength in him but he just couldn’t stay here with us…..

That last week I spent with him will always remain precious to me………..a time where I could say my last goodbyes, wash him just as I had when he was a baby, sing to him all our special songs and hold him close…………..oh how I wish I could do all those things once more…………..

I KNOW Luke is safe now in Heaven and at peace, but my heart is ripped out everyday not being able to speak, laugh, talk and text him………..He wasn’t only my son, but he was MY ROCK, MY BEST FRIEND, MY SOUL MATE xxx

Luke was loved by many many people and threw himself wholeheartedly into life……….winning both regional and national awards for his volunteering and having what he quoted as “the best time of his life” when he created and worked on the props for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. His smile and laugh were so infectious that you couldn’t be sad when he was around….

My life WILL NEVER be the same anymore but I fight on everyday – not only because I know Luke is driving me to carry on for the sake of his brother, Nathan; but he also inspires me to make sure that NO OTHER MOTHER SHOULD GO THROUGH THIS……..and that through setting up a bursary at his Uni and helping to support CRY, he is being kept alive in all our memories and hearts xxx

Miss you forever baby xxxx
Mum xxx

Suzanne Morton