Mike 28th December 2020 (24 years)

In the days after you died Mike I thought I’d go mad

To think I wouldn’t see you again made me so sad

What was worse was only six weeks away

We should have been celebrating your 18th birthday

Though my heart was broken my head was spinning too

With so many special things I wanted to say to you

The words formed in my head so I put pen to paper

Thinking I could look at it again later

But something inside me needed to get the words to you

So putting it in the newspaper was all I could do

That was my saviour because year after year

The words that I wrote helped me keep you near

As we reach the beginning of November

My heart tells me it’s time to remember

And after this difficult year, I thought

Your special charity I should support

So the words that I write, instead of going to press

Will be sent with love to a new address

I’ll never stop loving or missing you

But I’ll send the money to CRY for all that they do

All our love always

Dad and Mum