Mum to Conquer Fear of Heights with Skydive in Memory of Son Jamie Phillips

Totnes Times, 3rd October 2019

Jamie Phillips was just 27 years old when he passed away suddenly due to a rare heart disease called arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy. His shocked and devastated family received support from Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) and now, to honour the 1st anniversary of his death, his mother Julie Greenslade plans to jump out of an aeroplane to raise funds for the charity in his memory.

Julie plans to do a tandem skydive with her daughter Nikki Login and sister Tanya Priddis. They have already raised over £500 towards their target of £1,200.

“Jamie was cheeky, always taking the mickey, but would help anybody.” Julie stated of her son. “He’s probably laughing his head off right now because I don’t like flights or heights – but we have to put ourselves out of our comfort zone.”

She continued: “The fundraiser has really helped us focus because we decided to do something positive for the anniversary. Jamie was really loyal, the kind of person who would do anything for you, so we wanted to raise money for CRY to help others in a similar situation. CRY would like to screen young people for the condition so we could save a lot of mums going through this. We as a family are now having to be tested to see if we have the gene. You don’t think about your child going before you. This helps to make people aware that this disease does not just affect the old.”

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