Mums Memorial Video

Once we lost Garreth aged 30 as his Mum I was lost too. Each day was so difficult more difficult because I was so so alone. CRY offered me telephone support with a lovely lady which I found invaluable you know who you are “Thank you”!

I realised that I was not alone. The same lady gave me the idea to join the Facebook group CRY Mothers’ Support Group and being me I was on there just minutes later. These Mums are so precious to me if I struggle they are there, no judgements. It’s a bundle of support, loves and hugs when needed. When I struggle with a situation I get lots of help and advice as I give my words to help others too. We have a special hug ready on anniversary days a post is popped up just to remind Mums they are thought of so much.

This brings me to the – Mum’s Memorial Video

Just a few words to explain how we have come to this beautiful video.

A friend who knows I love to get my teeth stuck into projects treated me to an app that creates lovely photos that makes cards etc.

I made a card for Garreth it was the obvious choice and used one of his photos,a little later I posted it to the Mums support CRY Facebook group and was asked to do the same for some of the other Mums and their lovely children. I then found an app to make videos and popped a few photos together this was the beginning of the Mums Memorial Video. I used the Faith Hill song “there you’ll be” as background Music but got put into Facebook Prison when the privacy settings changed and the video was run silent. A Mum Valerie Anderson told me how her son Gary had recorded and got his music on SoundCloud (Please go listen its worth it), it’s his own music now this opened my ears up but it took a little while (once the tears stopped) to ask if I could use Gary’s song as the background music and to my amazement Valerie agreed. I’m sure you will love the music as much as we do! As the years have gone by more Mums have asked for their precious child to be added and what you are watching is where we are now. I hope you see the beauty of this video hopefully more than the sadness but more than anything the clear message that there are far too many Mums who have lost a child and in some cases children. My heart catches every time I watch it and it reminds me of how important it is to the screening events that have and are due to take place. As Mums of angel children it’s important to us to get awareness out there and hope when you watch the video you can see the importance too.

Finally thank you for watching and reading X