One year on – Robert Heyes

One year on - Robert Heyes 2

16th July 2016

Today marked twelve months since we said goodbye to our beautiful boy Robert. The family got together to remember him fondly. We talked about some of our favourite memories and recorded these alongside photographs in a book.

Some of Robert’s childhood friends added their favourite memories too, which was hugely appreciated, and made us smile as we recalled Robert’s favourite things to do as he was growing up.

Kevan remembers that he and Robert were outnumbered by the amount of girls where they lived (something Robert’s Dad, Harry, knows the feeling of all too well with 3 daughters, 1 daughter-in-law, 5 grandchildren and a wife!) so he would ring Robert after school to see if he could play. They enjoyed playing with Lego, a train set and Daley Thompson or Formula One on the computer (this didn’t surprise me because Robert loved technology, and it clearly started from a young age!).

Leanne remembers playing out over the summer months, trying to dig up a hay stack they played in, fun times at Bolton Parish Primary School and on trips to Robin Hood’s Bay, as well as attending birthday parties.

Elisa and Craig joined the family today and shared countless fond memories of Robert. Robert had been a best friend to Craig for many years, and also a Best Man when he and Elisa (Leese, as Robert affectionately called her) tied the knot. Craig often says Rob is the brother he never had. They have both done a sterling job in supporting the family, and the fundraising efforts.

One year on - Robert HeyesToday, Robert’s daughter Evie, nieces Maddie, Phoebe, Erin and Alice, and best friends daughters Claudia and Sienna painted rainbows upon rocks. The idea is to boost funds for CRY further by people sponsoring a rock for £1. These will go into parks over the summer months for people to find.

This year has been tough. Remembering Robert affectionately isn’t a difficult task, but to do it without him being around is.

Despite missing Robert beyond measure, Robert’s Mum, Maxine, has found comfort in knitting memory box blankets and baby nests for early loss for a charity called SiMBA in Scotland in memory of Robert. Her knitting has given comfort to many other bereaved parents. I am sure you will agree this is a fantastic achievement.

Another accomplishment has been raising the funds to hold a local heart screening for 100 people, which will be held on Tuesday 1st August 2017 at Clarendon Primary School in Bolton.

A year on and words still fail me on how to express how much we miss Robert; it is immeasurable. However, I know he would be proud of our efforts #RainbowRob