Over 200 young people were screened at Bideford College in memory of Martyn Luckett

Bideford College were once again hosts to this year’s cardiac screening event for 14-35 year olds in North Devon last month through the charity known as Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY).

The College plays a vital role in supporting this community service which is brought to North Devon through community fundraising in memory of Martyn Luckett, who passed away from a sudden cardiac death in 2005 at just 19.

Over the weekend, over 200 young people were screened and nine people were referred by the cardiologist at CRY. Charlotte’s thoughts on this are mixed, ‘on one hand I do not wish to see anyone referred and that everyone is fit and healthy, but on the other hand it shows how vital the service is and recharges the fundraising batteries as each weekend costs just under £11,000’.

For more information on the screening, please go to www.testmyheart.org.uk

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