Parents have raised £77,563 so far for CRY enabling over 1000 cardiac screenings in memory of son

The parents of a man who died from a rare cardiac arrest when he was just 26 years old have raised enough money to screen over 1000 young hearts in his memory.

Pardeep Nagra from Wolverhampton collapsed and died from Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome, or SADs, which kills at least 12 young people a week.

His parents, Resham and Dalbag, have been raising funds for 15 years to make sure young people are screened for any heart defects before it’s too late.

To date, they have screened 1125 young hearts and hosted 11 screening days in Wolverhampton and Leicester.

So far, they’ve raised £77,563,000 by organising and taking part in fundraising events, including charity balls, martial arts events and sky dives.

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