Paul Mulford


The look of mischief

The smile disguising the next naughty move

The unread tale:

Books, cuddles…. too boring!

You understood: life was for living, exploring.

You rushed at life, running first, never walking.

Your early philosophy:

To cram as much into each day as possible.

Always be busy, investigating and —

should being mischievous be part of that —

then go for it!

An inquiring mind, continuous questions.

How? Why? You needed to know.

Matchboxes of creatures — woodlice, worms,

ants (which escaped), earwigs (fascinated, you disturbed

them with a twig to see arched backs and threatening pincers).

Accidents: the turmoil of hospitals, A & E.

Your crazy excitement for holidays, Christmas, birthdays.

Your longing to travel, see the world.

Your capacity to absorb. Your humour.

Your volcanic temper towards injustice.

Bold, daring at dangerous sports

yet understanding and caring.

Shouldering so much of everyone’s problems

Yet remaining loyal when friends’ divisions ran deep.

Always supporting family, friends, acquaintances.

You lit up a room with your presence

With an ability to draw in those around you

Sharing anecdotes, stories, rich humour.

Always expressing a sincere interest in others.

This is why the void is so huge.

The loss impacted on everyone as we try to understand why.

Just as maturity beckoned: a fiancé, a house, a marriage planned.

We did not have the chance to say goodbye.

It hurts and we ache because we all miss you so very, very much.

BUT we have your smiles

AND what a life you had between those smiles.

Colin and Sandra Mulford