Philippa Chowne

Our beautiful, kind, clever, fun-loving daughter died at home on the evening of 14th December 2011. She was fifteen years old, in perfect health and with everything in life to live for.

On the day after her death, when we were in deepest shock, we discovered that our darling daughter had trended on Twitter as the third most talked about person in the world.

It was so wonderful to read all the nice things people shared about her. Tributes on Facebook, Twitter and her School website described her as: ”beautiful, gorgeous, loving, cheerful, happy, infectious.”

Close friends wrote: “Never once was a bad word said about you, and never did you speak badly of anyone.” Also, ”The memory of your smile will never fail to cheer me up.”

Philippa had already mapped out her life. To work hard to get the very best GCSE grades possible (she had already achieved A* Mathematics a year early); select the right A-level courses to study Biology at a top University; and then work in America.

On the last day of her life she had baked cookies to share with her co-workers at the Leamington Spa Cancer Research shop, as a Community Service volunteer. She always thought of others.

Andrew, Robert and myself (Lisa) are so grateful for the wonderful support we have received.

Not just from our immediate family and close friends but from our village community in Kineton (who created a Winter Wonderland for Philippa in the Village Hall, following her funeral) and the Headmaster, staff and pupils at Bablake School whose support has been tremendous.
Her closest school friends at Bablake School organised and performed a concert: “4 Pip” as a special tribute to her. It was so moving because it celebrated her life in music, dance, poetry and film. Her Grandfather lovingly designed and made a slate clock which is displayed outside the school theatre.

Philippa was a very special girl, who made us proud every day.

Lisa Chowne