Reynolds Colleagues & Friends Get Together


I am Harley’s mum Michelle at one time I worked at Reynolds Catering Supplies with Harley’s Grandad Doug, and his Uncle Stephen. I am still friends and in touch with the guys I worked with and also Grandad Doug still works with them.

We periodically get together for a drink at the Eagle Public House for a catch up. It also means they get me out of the house, which I do not do so much since I lost Harley.

The last one was arranged for the 4th of January, I did not make it as I was too upset, having had the anniversary of Harley’s loss on the 3rd of January.

In my absence they had a pool match and what they did was gave the £55 winners pot to my dad Douglas and said to put it into Harley’s fund.

They got my dad to take and send me this picture with the words “All of us are with you and missing you so much. We are all thinking of you.”

Thank you to Glen Collins, John Newley, Shaun Stoker, Stan Van Geleen, Dave Withers, Trevor Parish, and Dave Wiles.

Michelle Bourne