Rodger Hill’s cycle from Edinburgh to Dublin for the Memorial Quaich in memory of David Hill

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Everything is relative, even in such frenzied, perspective-clouding surrounds as the final weekend of a Six Nations Championship with all still to play for.

Whatever happens between Ireland and Scotland at the Aviva Stadium on Saturday evening, there will be nothing to match the symbolism or the poignancy of events a couple of miles away earlier in the day, when the family, friends, former professional colleagues and proud ex-team mates of the late David Hill gather to honour his memory.

On this very weekend in 2022, the 30-year-old from Dumfries and Galloway collapsed and died from a previously undetected heart condition while playing for the Scottish Parliament rugby team against the Dáil & Seanad XV, their Irish equivalents.

Hill was a political aide who worked as head of office for the Scottish Conservative MSP and former party justice spokesman Jamie Greene, and had previously assisted the party leader Douglas Ross. His tragic death, Scottish rugby and beyond.