Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon 2010

Thank you and congratulations to all the CRY runners who made it on Sunday 10th October.

CRY had a stand at the event in a picturesque spot next to the Serpentine, manned by staff Ben Robinson and Rebecca Zouvani; and also Martin Appleby who is CRY County Representative for West London.

We had 18 runners in the CRY team this year; Nicola Acuta (running in memory of Ryan Darby), Lizzie Cartwright (running in memory of Caroline Johnstone), Andries DeGroen, Elinor East, Hazel Forward, Angharad Homan-Russell (running in memory of Maxwell Biles), Charlotte Lancaster (running in memory of Robert Lancaster), Victoria Latham (running in memory of Scott Rennie), Nicholas Whitley, Matthias Wree, Attila Yetkil and the Calor TeamRay Brookes, Adrian Gunn, Danny Hudson, Caroline Neale, Stephen Rennie, David Rowntree and Loes Visser (running in memory of Scott Rennie).

We were delighted to meet runners and their supporters before and after the race. If any of our runners have additional photos, particularly action shots, please do send them to

If you would like to take part in an event like this for CRY, please see our upcoming events list