Run to the Beat Half Marathon 2013


Thank you and congratulations to the 23 CRY runners who took part in this event on Sunday 8th September at the new venue of Greenwich Park. The music, as always, was uplifting and the atmosphere electric. A special mention to the runners from the Four Pillars Hotels Group and Zoom Media. Both companies have very kindly chosen CRY as their Charity of the Year.

This year CRY had a charity marquee to welcome our fantastic runners, which was very well received. The stand was manned by CRY’s Fundrasing Manager, Rebecca Zouvani; CRY staff Cara MacMillan and Ben Robinson; and CRY volunteer, Modestos Zouvani.

Volunteers from the Challenge Network – Celeste, Joanna, Mara, Laura, Jordan, Alice, Tho, Audrey, Joshua, Churchill and their mentor, Bridget – also joined CRY staff to help promote CRY and cheer our runners with flags and banners.

Upon finishing, CRY runners were presented with a goody bag and thanked for their tremendous efforts as they came to visit us at the CRY stand. A special thank you to Steve Busby who ran in a CRY heart costume – thankfully it wasn’t raining!

Once the runners had had a chance to catch their breath and enjoy a refreshing cup of lemonade and some chocolate or crisps, we took photographs of them proudly wearing their CRY tops and showing their medals!

The 2013 event was the sunniest and warmest it has ever been for Run to the Beat and one of the highlights was a closely guarded secret until the event day itself – the main stage act, Jessie J!

Our runners were: Sarah Ball (running in memory of Trinh-Ny Ha and Clive Squires); Chris Blackburn; Steve Busby (running in memory of David Forway); Jonathan and Sian Butcher (running in memory of Adam Pearmine); Stephanie Edwards; Kristina Evans (running in memory of Daniel Nicholls); Darryl James Hayter (running in memory of Rupert Spurling); Sarah Henry (running in memory of Stevie Jivani); Rebecca Marie Kealey (running in memory of Thomas Hardman); Alexis Persaud (running in memory of Stuart Attridge); Courtney Scott; Joanna Seldon; and Jonathan Vickers (running in memory of Laura Main).

From the Four Pillars Hotels Group: Adam Carroll; Craig Bradfield Coley; Ainsley Donald; Alastair Graham; Elizabeth Henegahan; Kerry Lewis; Vincent Seri Fazio and Katherine Swingler.

From Zoom Media: Alex Peacock (Managing Director)

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the runners who worked so hard to support us and we would like to thank our volunteers from Challenge Network – and the friends and family of our runners – who cheered on the CRY team. If any one has additional photos, particularly action shots, please do send them to

If you would like to run for CRY in the 2014 Run to the Beat Half Marathon, please email for further details.

CRY Fundraising Team