ShareGift is a unique charity which specialises in accepting donations of shares. We take share donations of all sizes, no matter how small. From these donated shares we generate funds to give to charities, guided by donor suggestion. Since 1996 we have given over £20 million to more than 2,000 charities.


How does it work?

People have small value holdings of shares and other investments for many different reasons, and such small amounts of shares are often difficult or even impossible to dispose of because of the costs involved. ShareGift provides a solution. Even if you have just one or two shares ShareGift can help you deal with the problem, and in a charitable way. We can also help shareholders with larger, tax-efficient donations of shares.

We exist to realise as much value as possible from unwanted shares by aggregating them, selling them and using the proceeds to make donations to a wide range of other registered charities, based on the suggestions of our donors and supporters.

When you donate shares, we arrange to transfer them into the name of our charity and they are placed within our portfolio of shares. Shares are aggregated within the portfolio until we have enough of any one holding to sell. In the meantime shareholdings may attract dividends or capital payments, and all of this helps create our pool of funds.

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