Sharron Jones

Sharron was just 39 when she died on Saturday 26th May 2007. We received a phone call from her children saying paramedics were trying to resuscitate their mom – they were crying uncontrollably.

She had been out for a meal, came home, sat down and it happened.

We told the kids we would meet them at the hospital where a few hours later Sharron was pronounced dead, to our utter disbelief.

She had been fit and healthy so why did this happen? At the time, doctors believed she had a blood clot which had burst, but on post mortem there was no evidence. Further invasive tests also showed nothing apart from that she was perfectly fit and healthy.

The coroner therefore recorded “Sudden Cardiac Death” on her death certificate. The reasoning for this was because a month or so prior to her death she had visited the doctors numerous times with breathlessness and chest pain. They put it down to asthma and gave her an inhaler that didn’t work, and the day before she died they referred her for a chest X-ray. If only that had been an ECG instead she could very well be alive today.

It has been 6 months and nothing seems to ease the family of the pain of losing someone so suddenly. It has, however, made us closer and we all want to raise awareness of SADS in the community and amongst health professionals.

Life is strange and we all miss her terribly. We look at photos of her and still can’t believe it. On Christmas Day this year, our day will start off with us paying our respects at the Crematorium where we will lay flowers and wish her peace.

We will then go home and try to be brave for the kids, as they have been left without a mom and they never really had a dad.

It is going to be hard but we want this to be posted as a lasting memorial to her so that others can look at her and enjoy a little bit of what we enjoyed with her.

She was carefree and lived life the way she wished. That, we are grateful for – it was just the wrong time and too early.

We mourn our loss

Tis her gain

She’s free from Sorrow, Sin and Pain

Celestial Angels haste her flight

To regions of eternal light.

For A Life Taken Too Soon – RIP Shaz, Love Always

Angela Ellis