Snatched from her – Soul mate died without warning

Julie and Eamonn Chipperfield-Carr seemed to have a charmed life. Madly in love after ten years together and running a successful business from their home, they still had hundreds of hopes and dreams to be fulfilled.

But those dreams were tragically ripped apart when Eamonn died suddenly if an illness the couple did not even know he had.

Eamonn was 34 when a passing postman found him dead in his car. He had died suddenly of myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart, less than an hour after kissing his wife goodbye as he headed off to the supermarket.

His death devastated Julie and she has spent the last two years attempting to piece together a life without him.

Today 32-year old Julie is cheerful and optimistic but there is a sadness about her when she talks about Eamonn and how much she loved and misses him.