South West Postcard

South West

South West Launch – 20th April 2012

Families from across the South West region (from Cornwall to Bristol) came together in Taunton to help launch a major regional campaign to highlight the shocking statistic that 12 young, apparently fit and healthy people (aged 35 and under) are tragically dying suddenly every week in the UK from previously undiagnosed heart conditions.

A poster-sized version of an emotive new postcard – featuring the photos of 12 young people from across the region who lost their lives to sudden cardiac death – was unveiled by CRY at a ceremony held at The Holiday Inn in Taunton on Friday April 20th 2012.

The work of CRY has generated much interest recently in the wake of the sudden collapse of Bolton midfielder, Fabrice Muamba. The shocking events on the pitch at White Hart Lane on March 17th have led to even greater calls for cardiac screening in young people (especially those involved in sport) – something that CRY has been campaigning for since its launch in 1995.