Suffolk to Holland bike ride in memory of Toby Northcote-Green

Suffolk to Holland - Toby Northcote-Green

Four and a half years ago Jasper, who is now 11, lost his uncle Toby unexpectedly. Not long ago I found the card that Toby wrote to Jasper on the day he was born. It read: “Little man, if only you knew what I have in store for you.” Everyone who knew Tobes knew exactly what that meant. He couldn’t wait to share his spirit of adventure and love of the outdoors with his little nephew. In memory of Toby we went on a great adventure together and cycled from Jasper’s grandparents in Suffolk to his grandparents in the south of Holland, a 125 miles cycle ride that we completed in three days. We had the most amazing time: we chatted, sang and laughed non stop, it was magical. The weather wasn’t great but we had the wind in our backs and it felt like Toby was gently pushing us along.

We were blown away by the generosity and kind words of all the people that supported us. Thanks everyone, it means the world!

Onneke and Jasper Northcote-Green