Running around London in a CRY HEART by Caroline Gard

As we approached Blackheath at 7.00 a.m. last Sunday, the morning of my third London Marathon, I found myself wondering “Why?” Not only was I about to put myself through all that agony again, but this time I had agreed to do it in a large red heart. Friends had said I must be mad and

Lewis Marsh Fund Community Screening Number 4

1st – 2nd September 2001 Each year the local boys football club has organised what is known as The Lewis Marsh 11-a-side Pre-Season Friendly Tournament. It covers teams from the ages of under 8 to under 17. It raises a fantastic amount for the fund and is a great weekend of fun and sport. I say

Garden Open Day – or what a Blooming Weekend

The first day dawned fresh and clear – Er well, actually, no it didn’t. For the beginning of June, it was unseasonably cold and wet. This was the culmination of our own personal marathon; we had been growing plants for months. What had seemed like a good idea, had now turned into an uphill battle just

Running around London in a CRY HEART

During October 2000 whilst working at a Bournemouth fire station, Terry Brokenshire, a lad on my shift, mentioned in casual conversation that he was going to run the London Marathon dressed as a giant heart! Terry explained how he had become involved with CRY after experiencing the tragic consequences of heart failure in the young whilst

My London Marathon by Suzanne Pringle

Hi my name is Suzanne Pringle, and I recently ran the London Marathon for the first time. Jill Marsh has asked me to write about my experience. I started my training on January 2nd. In the mornings, I would either go for a run or to the gym, which afterwards, put me in a good mood

Full House for bingo club's fund-raisers

Bingo fans at the Kingsway Club in Brighouse can claim a full house when it comes to fund-raising. A series of charity flyers which involve the club putting up the prizes and the stake money going to charity, have raised £2000. General Manager Stuart Heaton said he was delighted with the amount raised by members. “Fund

Parachute Jump in memory of Michael Andrews by Fay Hurley

If you wait for Claire to be in one place long enough to write to you, you are in for a long wait, so here goes. In October Andrew Applin (Michael’s half brother) , Claire Hurley (Michael’s cousin and godmother)  and Ester Shamoon took to the skies in memory of Michael Andrews. Fay Claire’s mum recounts

The Great Escape

On Sunday 18th March the excited 8 met up for a magnificent 7 in the cafe before embarking on their challenge. They had 24 hours to get as far away from the Tesco store in Thetford, Norfolk with only £25 each to help them on their way. Traveling in pairs David Granger & Brendon Kelly, Spencer