Running around London in a CRY HEART by Caroline Gard

As we approached Blackheath at 7.00 a.m. last Sunday, the morning of my third London Marathon, I found myself wondering “Why?” Not only was I about to put myself through all that agony again, but this time I had agreed to do it in a large red heart. Friends had said I must be mad […]

Lewis Marsh Fund Community Screening Number 4

1st – 2nd September 2001 Each year the local boys football club has organised what is known as The Lewis Marsh 11-a-side Pre-Season Friendly Tournament. It covers teams from the ages of under 8 to under 17. It raises a fantastic amount for the fund and is a great weekend of fun and sport. I […]

Garden Open Day – or what a Blooming Weekend

The first day dawned fresh and clear – Er well, actually, no it didn’t. For the beginning of June, it was unseasonably cold and wet. This was the culmination of our own personal marathon; we had been growing plants for months. What had seemed like a good idea, had now turned into an uphill battle […]

Running around London in a CRY HEART

During October 2000 whilst working at a Bournemouth fire station, Terry Brokenshire, a lad on my shift, mentioned in casual conversation that he was going to run the London Marathon dressed as a giant heart! Terry explained how he had become involved with CRY after experiencing the tragic consequences of heart failure in the young […]

Sudden death in young athletes

McKenna, W.J., Firoozi,S. and Sharma, S. “Sudden death in young athletes.” 11th European Meeting of the French Society of Cardiology 2001