CRY Update Magazine Issue 80

Issue 80 of the CRY Update magazine covers all news, events and fundraising from September to December 2019. This issue includes features on plenty of key events, including the latest CRY Conference, the CRY Great Cake Bake, and the 10th CRY Durham Walk, along with major developments such as the funding CRY received from the Tesco Bags of Help Centenary Grant.

Sunshine Ball in memory of Amy Jayne Russell

A charity fundraising ball was held at the Victoria & Albert hotel in Manchester, in memory of Amy Jayne Russell, who died 15th October 2004 in Fuerteventura of an undiagnosed medical condition. A total of £2,158 was raised. The ball was attended by 130 of her family – friends and supporters. The ex Manchester United player ‘Stormin […]

CRY Update Magazine 42

Read Update 42 online here The CRY Update is the charity’s newsletter, published three times a year, reporting on CRY news and events, cardiac screenings, breaking developments in medical research and CRY supporters’ fundraising over the preceding months.