Insights into malignant mitral valve degenerative diseasefrom a sudden cardiac death cohort highlighting significantmeasurement differences from normal

Joseph Westaby,Luciana Bicalho, Emelia Zullo & Mary N Sheppard Aims: Mitral valve prolapse (MVP) is an acceptedcause of sudden cardiac death (SCD) in most autopsyseries. Diagnosis at autopsy relies upon subjectiveassessment with no established objective pathologicalcriteria. This study set out to establish objective mea-surements to help pathologists dealing with SCD.Methods: We diagnosed 120 (1.5%) cases […]

Effect of sex, age and body measurements on heart weight, atrial, ventricular, valvular and sub-epicardial fat measurements of the normal heart

Joseph David Westaby, Emelia Zullo, Luciana Morais Bicalho, Robert Henry Anderson, Mary Noelle Sheppard. Cardiovascular Pathology: the official journal of the Society for Cardiovascular Pathology. 2023 Mar-Apr. Read the paper here Abstract: Aims: Descriptive morphological studies of the normal heart are lacking. Previous autopsy studies have focused mainly on heart weight. We characterize the normal heart by providing normal […]