The Diagnostic Yield of Brugada Syndrome After Sudden Death With Normal Autopsy Michael Papadakis, Efstathios Papatheodorou, Greg Mellor, Hariharan Raju, Rachel Bastiaenen, Yanushi Wijeyeratne, Sara Wasim, Bode Ensam, Gherardo Finocchiaro, Belinda Gray, Aneil Malhotra, Andrew D’Silva, Nina Edwards, Della Cole, Virginia Attard, Velislav N. Batchvarov, Maria Tome-Esteban, Tessa Homfray, Mary N. Sheppard, Sanjay Sharma and Elijah R. Behr The Diagnostic Yield of Brugada Syndrome After Sudden Death

Inter-Rater Reliability and Downstream Financial Implications of Electrocardiography Screening in Young Athletes

Background—Preparticipation screening for cardiovascular disease in young athletes with electrocardiography is endorsed by the European Society of Cardiology and several major sporting organizations. One of the concerns of the ECG as a screening test in young athletes relates to the potential for variation in interpretation. We investigated the degree of variation in ECG interpretation in athletes

Conference videos 2014 Prof Francois Carre QT-interval in young athletic individuals; The Long and short of it Dr Abbas Zaidi Right Ventricular Enlargement in athletes; Physiology vs pathology Dr Greg Mellor Early repolarisation; Training related or marker of heart disease? Dr Ahmed Merghani The veteran athlete’s heart; Unravelling the mystery of chronic, intense exercise Prof Domenico Corrado Update

Etiology of Sudden Death in Sports

Gherardo Finocchiaro, MD; Michael Papadakis, MBBS, MD; Jan-Lukas Robertus, MD; Harshil Dhutia, MBBS; Alexandros Klavdios Steriotis, MD, PhD; Maite Tome, MD, PhD; Greg Mellor, MBChB; Ahmed Merghani, MBBS; Aneil Malhotra, MBBChir; Elijah Behr, MBBS, MD; Sanjay Sharma, MBChB, MD; Mary N. Sheppard, MBBCh, BAO, MD Etiology of Sudden Death in Sports Insights from a United Kingdom

Exercise and Inherited Arrhythmias

Christopher C. Cheung, MD, Zachary W.M. Laksman, MD, FRCPC, MSc, Gregory Mellor, MA, MB BChir MRCP, Shubhayan Sanatani, MD, FRCPC, Andrew D. Krahn, MD, Exercise and Inherited Arrhythmias Canadian Journal of Cardiology, April 2016 {Abstract}

Calls for wider cardiac screening as new research confirms it’s not just athletes and “sporty” young people at risk

Published papers conclude that sudden arrhythmic death (SADS) is more common ‘at rest’ or whilst sleeping than during excessive exercise Researchers funded by the charity, Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) have today [16 December 2014] published new research in the journal, “Circulation: Arrhythmia & Electrophysiology”1 highlighting that more than 80% of cases of young sudden

CRY Parliamentary Reception 2014

The Terrace Marquee, Westminster – 26th November. Guest of Honour: Lee Mears, former England rugby union international.             CRY’s 2014 Parliamentary Reception on Wednesday November 26 was an event packed not only with CRY Representatives, supporters, bereaved families, members of the myheart group and doctors, but also several CRY Patrons and