16 Year Old Heart Disease Survivor Cycles Around Isle of Wight to Save Lives

Chichester Observer, 30th June 2019 At 13, following a football match, George Ashby went to his mother’s surgery and had an impromptu heart test. His mother, Amelia, discovered a ‘massive murmur’ and he was diagnosed with a potentially fatal heart disease. Thus he was able to receive the life saving surgery he urgently needed. Now, 16

BBC Radio Solent – George & Amelia Ashby, Graham Hunter and Dr Steven Cox

Starting at 41:01 in the programme, George Ashby and his mum, Amelia Ashby talk about discovering George’s heart condition, his surgery and the importance of screening, on BBC Radio Solent. Later on in the programme, at 1:41:33 Graham Hunter and CRY CEO Dr Steven Cox talk about their reactions to George’s story, the more than 1,400