Nathan Bryans family fight for heart screenings

Read the full article here A North Lincolnshire mum whose son tragically died of a sudden cardiac arrest says she will “fight all the way” for the NHS to provide compulsory heart screenings for young people – as 12 people aged 35 and under die from undiagnosed heart conditions each week. Nathan Bryan, 31, died […]

The Elms School Jazz and Swing Evening in memory of Nathan Bryan

The Elms School hosts an annual Jazz and Swing Evening where four senior schools bring their Jazz bands to perform to an audience of parents, staff and pupils. The schools this year were King’s Worcester, Malvern College, Shrewsbury School and Marlborough College. At this event the school held an auction and raised money for CRY […]

Family raise money for heart screening after tragic death of Nathan Bryan.

A mum has been left devastated as her son died with a heart problem three years after being told he didn’t need heart screening. Gill Ayling’s son Nathan Bryan passed away aged 31 of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome after a heart problem went undetected. She said: “When my daughter was 12, she went to Leeds General

CRY Update Magazine Issue 84

Read issue 84 of the CRY Update magazine here Issue 84 of the CRY Update reports on all news, events and fundraising from January to April 2021. In February as Heart Month began, we introduced an exciting new fundraising initiative: the 25 Million Metre Challenge. Supporters could take part individually or in teams as we collectively

Mum Calls for More Heart Screenings After Son Suddenly Passes Away

Grimsby Live, 16th November 2019 Nathan Bryan passed away of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)- a condition which causes sudden cardiac arrest, often with no prior warning signs or symptoms. His family was left devastated and now his mother, Gillian Ayling, has called for more heart screenings in the youth. Gillian says that Nathan was one