Why do I support CRY – 2023

Why Do I Support CRY? – 2023 During Heart Month 2023, CRY launched ‘why do I support CRY?’. The campaign aimed to personify and tell the stories behind CRY. We asked our supporters to send in their reasons for supporting CRY so we could share across our social media what CRY means to so many. […]

Durham Walk 2022 write up

We were pleased to join 132 of our supporters on Sunday 18th September for the 13th CRY Heart of Durham Walk. We appreciate the effort every single person made to be there on the day, to come together to reflect and remember those who have died due to Young Sudden Cardiac Death, and to support those

Durham Walk in memory of Pat

My wife, Pat, died suddenly in March this year, it was our 43rd anniversary and we were walking to a restaurant when she took poorly and died the following morning. The coroner in London advised us to contact CRY as the cause was diagnosed as Sudden Arrythmic Death Syndrome, we should have our children checked for